Orientation week is the first set of events of every semester, and probably the most important for you. During these events, we are going to help you with all necesary stuff like making transportation tickets, show you the school buildings, but we are also going to welcome you and help you to meet each other. Join also our WhatsApp group for more information.

Here is a list of all Orientation week events: 


Welcome drink

Meeting point:
Restaurace Na Plynárni 
(Plynárni 2949/1)
Time: 18:30

The first informal meeting with other Erasmus+ students and ESN O. members. Let’s take one of the first beers together and talk a little bit.

Welcome ceremony

Meeting point:
Aula of building B (Českobratrská 16)
Time: 10:00

Welcome Ceremony is a ‘Welcome to Ostrava and our university’ event. We, ESN Ostravská, will introduce ourselves, explain what the organisation is all about and what we have to offer for the students. Most of the events we prepared for you will be introduced. Furthermore, you will be given an overview of what can you expect from your first days in Ostrava and at the university. You will be able to meet important people from the International Department and your faculty coordinators.

Also, you will have an opportunity to buy Welcome Bag and register or pay for Get to Know Each Other Weekend (discount during welcome week only). You will get Welcome Bag for free. You can also buy Czech SIM card with 3GB data and unlimited SMS within Vodafone CZ network, ESN card for discounts (40,000 student benefits and discounts in more than 125 countries, 10 – 15% discounts for ESN Ostravská´s big trips). 

Welcome Ceremony is taking place in the Aula room in the building B. If you think you still may have problems finding this place you can ask your Buddy to accompany you there or use your smartphone to look for Českobratrská 16, Moravská Ostrava.
It´s close to the bus stop "Husův sad" :)

After the ceremony, there will be free food prepared for you.


Nation4Nation: Czechia

Meeting point:
19:30 at "Áčko" club (Kranichova 8)

As you are going to stay in the Czech Republic for half a year you should know something about it. What Czech people like, what is the Czech Republic famous for, typical Czech food and drinks, traditional Czech dances, useful phrases etc.


City tour

Meeting point:
16:00 at "Dolní Vítkovice" tram stop

Hey all,
summer is slowly coming to its end (maybe it already ended), nevertheless, let's enjoy one of the last few "not so cold" days and let's have a tour around the city centre! We'll show you the industrial part of Ostrava (Dolní Vítkovice), Masaryk Square, New City Hall (for which you will need 40 CZK as an entrance fee to get to the top of the tower) and much more. Moreover, you'll reach some steps on your clever watch and burn some calories! (Just kidding, we know you all look like supermodels).
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Hike - Lysá Hora

Meeting point:
9:40 at "Ostrava-Svinov" train station

⛰️It is time for a hike!⛰️
Do you want to explore and spend some time in our beautiful nature?
Join us on Sunday at 9 am for a hike to Lysá Hora.
We will meet in Ostrava Main train station and we will take the train together.
Don't forget to take proper shoes, clothes and ISIC to get a discounted train ticket!