TIPS AND TRICKS a.k.a How to survive in Ostrava as an international student

TIP no.1 # I need to buy cutlery, plates and other home goods

  • Well, we always recommend you glorious IKEA where u can find everything you need plus to eat meatballs in a restaurant, but you can also try PEPCO, Tiger store, KiK, or JYSK where you can find quite cheap HomeGoods too.
  • If you would like to visit all these shops at once we recommend you to go to AVION SHOPPING PARK.
  • The tram stop near Avion Shopping Park is called – Zábřeh OC ( you can take tram number 2 from the city center, it goes directly there).
  • If you would like to visit only PEPCO, Kik or Tiger store you can find various locations via google maps :-)

TIP no.2 #Public transport

We guess your Buddy helped you to get your „ODISka“ already, so you can travel without limits, anyway if you still don’t have your travel card you can board the bus or tram and simply use your credit/debit card, you just tap in and tap out your card when you go off the bus/tram.

Unfortunately, google maps are still not friends with local transportation here, but we strongly recommend to download IDOS app – you can find all connections of public transportation not only in Ostrava but also in the whole Czech republic. If you wanna find a local connection in Ostrava you need to click on MSR public transport. If you don’t want to download an app you can find all connections on the website as well

TIP no.3 #Stodolní 

The legendary party street Stodolní is a great place to party obviously, BUT you have to be very careful especially as an international student! NEVER GO to Stodolní with your passport, bring your ID only, or even better – make a copy of your ID or Passport and leave your original documents at the dormitory. Secondly, bring limited cash with you only, no you don’t need 5K of Czech crowns in your wallet, alcohol here is quite cheap. Be very careful in Desperado bar where are always many pickpockets, and they love to steal phones,but in general, just be very careful and go everywhere with friends ( especially girls) 

TIP no.4 #Bars and pubs 

  • Bastilla – a great bar located on Stodolní street and what’s better they have happy hours every day from 7-9 pm! that means all things on the menu are 1+1 for free. ( Hey Bastilla don’t you wanna sponsor us?!) What’s more, you can find there ESN coordinators frequently too. 
  • Dock – A nice pub with garden located near the river, the perfect place for evenings with friends, they also organize concerts and cultural events
  • Vinárna u mostu – Very budget-friendly winery located in the city center with a variety of wines from all over the world

TIP no.5 #Food 

Local Czech cuisine is great, junk and not very vegetarian or vegan friendly, but we recommend you to try „smažák“ ( fried cheese with french fries and a dip similar to mayonnaise) and „svíčková“ ( slices of beef with vegetable and cream sauce served with knedlík – typical dumplings) 

For Czech food we recommend visiting the restaurant Potrefená Husa or Radegastovna – they are both located on the main square. Oh and don’t forget to try goulash, or garlic soup too! 

  • Los Capolitos – great Mexican restaurant ( and also budget-friendly) and we know y’all love Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is located in the city center or the second one is in Poruba 
  • Food delivery – for the food delivery you can simply use a website or an app called dámejídlo, you can simply choose from various restaurants and pay online by card. However, we are not sure all delivery men will speak English tho.
  • Pupík – The real Italian restaurant owned by an Italian family, They make fresh pasta every day, however, the restaurant is open only 11-2 pm for lunch offer only, but we strongly recommend to visit this place if you love Italian cuisine. CASH ONLY 
    The restaurant is located near the main square, street Na Hradbách 120
  • LUNCH OFFERS in the Czech Republic – almost every restaurant in the Czech Republic has a special offer during lunchtime from Monday to Friday – it is a menu which usually includes soup and a main dish for a special price – it is around 100-180 Czech crowns, depends on the place where you eat obviously. 
  • Black kale – vegan/ raw vegan bistro with nice breakfast and lunch offers and great smoothies. During academic year is a restaurant also student Menza ( that means if you have ISIC you can order food online via the portal of the university for a better price)  

TIP no.6 #I need to print / copy something 

If you need to print, copy, or scan documents you can visit the student library, your faculty study room, or copy shops. The best option is to have your documents on a flash drive. 

Unfortunately, printing is not for free, but you can check the university library price list or visit a copy shop in the city center.