How do I find the information about Welcome Week and other important events?

The first hints have been sent to you by your coordinator, from the University of Ostrava (most likely at the acceptance letter, or any of the following emails). Nevertheless, all of the important information - Welcome Week, Public transportation card, Buddy system, etc., will be delivered to your email address during the middle of August for a Winter (=Fall) semester and during the end of a January for a Summer (=Spring) semester. 

Who’s a Buddy?

Very often, „the Buddy” is a local student, who has experiences with the city of Ostrava, being a student, and most importantly, it is a person who wants to help you. Who knows, maybe you’ll create a friendship for a lifetime. 

How can I get a Buddy?

There’s no need to contact our Buddy coordinator a couple of months before the semester starts. The process of allocation starts at the July for a Fall (=Winter) semester and at the January for a Spring (=Summer) semester. There’s no need to worry, you’ll be contacted by our Buddy coordinator during the August / January (approximately in the middle of the August and at the end of January) with a welcome email, including the offer to get a Buddy. 

What if I don’t want to have a Buddy?

You’ll be contacted by our Buddy coordinator anyway since he’s responsible for it. This welcome email will contain a lot of important information. If you’re not interested in having a Buddy, you won’t simply fill out the form that will be sent to you by Buddy coordinator in regards to an option to get a Buddy. 

How can I accommodate myself at the dormitories?

We are ESN, students club, thus we can’t be responsible for dormitories and we can’t do reservations of any type. Anything in regards to the accommodation at the dormitories, including contacts, is described here:

How can I rent a room in an apartment? 

Most of the exchange students live in dormitories, anyway, if you would like to rent a room the best option is to join Facebook groups – bydlení v Ostrave 

How can I get from Prague to Ostrava? 

The best option is by train, we recommend you book the ticket in advance. There are national or private carriers, the detailed description is here: