Welcome Ceremony is a ‘Welcome to Ostrava and our university’ event. We, ESN Ostravská, will introduce ourselves, explain what the organization is all about and what we have to offer for the students. Most of the events we prepared for you will be introduced. Furthermore, you will be given an overview of what can you expect from your first days in Ostrava and at the university. You will be able to meet important people from International Department and your faculty coordinators.

Also, you will have an opportunity to buy Welcome Bags and register and pay for Get to Know Each Other Weekend (1000 CZK – €38). Welcome Bag costs 400 CZK and includes: Czech SIM card with 3GB data and unlimited SMS within Vodafone CZ network, ESN card for discounts (40,000 student benefits and discounts in more than 125 countries, 5 – 15% discounts for ESN Ostravská´s big trips, usually the ESN card costs €10 (270 CZK)), events schedule, step-by-step how to activate internet connection in your dorms, map of Ostrava, some other promo material from University of Ostrava and all this is packed in handy backpack.

Another important part of Welcome Ceremony will be opening Czech bank accounts for free. For this, you need ID and Confirmation of studies (you got it in an envelope from your Buddy or coordinator).

Welcome Ceremony is taking place in the room E304 in the building E of Faculty of Arts. If you think you still may have problems finding this place you can ask your Buddy to accompany you there or use your smartphone to look for Tř. Československých legií 9.

Students from Poruba dormitory, take tram #8, get off at 'Elektra'. Students from Hladnov dormitory, take bus #104, get off at 'Konzervatoř'.

Your ESN Ostravská.

19/09/2017 - 12:45
Czech Republic