Because we like our exchange students so much, we arranged this rare event. Usually, it is not easy to get inside the factories to see the process of making our favourite and popular goods. But ESN knows some magic! So use this opportunity as it is special for this semester! 
Are you still asking yourself whereas to go or not?
- extraordinary trip and excursion
- ESN guides you will fall in love with
- secrets are going to be revealed
- degustation? Hmm let's see
- you can't spend your Friday better

Note: Suitable for sugar and beer addicted individuals.


Price includes: transport, entrance fee, guided tour
500 CZK with ESNcard
600 CZK without ESNcard

You can pay at ESN office on Monday and Wednesday (5pm-6pm)

Meeting point: AB reception at 9:00AM sharp

10.00 Marlenka excursion 
13.00 Radegast excursion 

Your professional ESN guides:
Lucy Klimkova
Tomy Shift

03/11/2017 - 09:00
Czech Republic