We will help you to arrange transportation card (if you haven’t done it yet), buy the long-term ticket for 3 or 5 months, internet and student ID card (ISIC). You will need all of this during your stay in Ostrava. For the transportation card, you’ll need a passport or international ID and passport photo. Month transportation ticket costs 250 CZK. The semester one is around 1 000 CZK for the whole city. Student ID card is 250 CZK (ISIC card) - they don’t accept credit cards so don’t forget to take Czech currency with you. Internet connection is 150 CZK per month (Hladnov dormitory).

Formality Day takes place at Building G of Pedagogical faculty (Mlýnská 5, Ostrava).
Meeting time:
8:30 all nationalities except Portuguese and Spanish
12:30 Portuguese and Spanish

Do not come if you already have the transportation card and ISIC.

20/09/2017 - 08:30
Czech Republic