From Václav Havel Airport Prague

At the airport take AE bus (Airport Express) and go to Hlavní nádraží (main train station). You will find the stops in front of Terminals 1 & 2, they are marked AE. The bus goes every 30 minutes and the travel time is 40 minutes. Purchase your ticket from the driver (one ticket is 100 CZK). Check the timetable or more info.

From the train station take a train to Ostrava Hlavní nádraží (Ostrava main train station). They are going quite regularly. There are three railway companies operating in the Czech Republic:

  • České Dráhy
  • RegioJet
  • Leo Express

With České Dráhy it is not necessary to buy your train ticket in advance. You can simply buy it at the train station before your trip. You will just say where you want to go, no need to specify the time. The price is 295 CZK (11,5 Euros). You may want (but it is not compulsory) to get a seat reservation with your ticket to make sure that you will have a place to sit. Usually there’s enough places but sometimes the trains are really crowded (especially in peak commute times, such as on Friday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings) so you may end up standing the whole time (almost 4 hours). The seat reservation is just 35 CZK (1,35 Euros) but in this case you will have to specify the time of departure of the train you you want to go with. You can also buy your ticket online, that way you will get 3% discount and the seat reservation is for free). There is one exception – České Dráhy have one type of train called Pendolino. It’s more modern and little bit faster (it takes just 3 hours to get to Ostrava), for this one you HAVE TO buy a seat reservation (in this case 200 CZK/7,7 Euros). Altogether 495 CZK (19,2 Euros). Also when buying you have to say that you want to go with Pendolino and at what time. If you don’t have ticket for Pendolino you can’t go with it.

If you plan to travel with a RegioJet or LEO Express train, you will be buying a ticket for a particular seat. You will therefore be guaranteed a place to sit. They are offering a high level of service and comfort at lower prices (free wi-fi, tea/coffe, newspaper, etc.). To buy a RegioJet or LEO Express train ticket, visit or You can also buy the ticket at the train station in Prague (different ticket-selling windows/offices from the one for Czech Railways) but these trains are mostly full so it’s hard to buy a ticket just few hours or minutes before your trip. With RegioJet the ticket costs from 216 to 295 CZK, with LEO Express it’s between 100 and 300 CZK (depends on the day and time).

For the timetable check out this page. Just type in from Prague to Ostrava and you will get the listings for all the trains from all the companies.

When you get from the train station in Ostrava you will immediately see tram and trolleybus stops.

To go to:

  • Poruba Dorms take tram number 8 (tram stop ‘Rektorát VŠB’).
  • J. Opletala dorms take trolleybus number 106 or 108 (trolleybus stop ‘Revírní br. pokladna’)
  • Vítkovice dorms to tram number 1 (tram stop ‘Moravská’)

Don’t forget to buy a ticket in a yellow ticket machine.

From Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport

Take a bus which stops in front of the airport hall. Don’t look for a number but for a sign which says: OSTRAVA ÚAN. Tickets cost around 30 CZK and are sold by drivers (just say ÚAN or write it on your phone and show it to the driver). Get off on the last stop. Timetable, just type in from Mošnov Airport, to Ostrava ÚAN.

When you get off the bus take the underpass to get to a tram/trolleybus stop.

To go to:

  • Poruba Dorms take tram number 8 (tram stop ‘Rektorát VŠB’).
  • J. Opletala dorms take trolleybus number 104 (trolleybus stop ‘Revírní br. pokladna’)
  • Vítkovice dorms take tram number 1 (tram stop ‘Moravská’)

Pay attention to the directions! Don’t forget to buy a ticket in a yellow ticket machine.

From Katowice or Krakow Airport

You have two options:

Take an airport bus to a train station in Katowice/Krakow, when you get there take a train to Ostrava Hlavní Nádraží and from now on it’s the same as going from Prague.

Take a TigerExpress bus. It goes straight from Katowice/Krakow airport to Ostrava. It’s comfortable and quicker than train at almost same price. Check out the timetable and book your ticket here.