15.09.2020 (Tuesday)

12:00 (free food)
13:00 (ceremony)

Faculty of Social Studies, building B

Welcome ceremony

IMPORTANT! Only students with negative Covid-19 test result can attend this event.

Official meeting for incoming students where we will present our university, help center, Ostrava city, what we do in ESN, we will tell you more about our upcoming events and also, we prepared some welcome bags for you. 

Please keep in mind that you have to wear a face mask inside the building. 

There is no dress code, so you don't need to worry, you can wear any clothes you feel comfortable in. 

There will be a live stream of the welcome ceremony for those who can not attend the event.  The link will be posted on our social networks on Tuesday morning.

16.09.2020 (Wednesday)


Theatre Odvaz

N4N Czechia + Welcome drink

Do you know our traditional meals, habits, and traditions? Are you interested in Czech culture? Then don't hesitate and join us! We will present our homeland and you can taste some of our traditional meals and snacks! ( YAS FREE FOOD :D ) That's N4N Czechia.

After N4N Czechia we are going to continue with Welcome Drink. You may have some cultural shock after arriving in the Czech Republic and Ostrava especially :D, but come and join us for a welcome drink! You will meet a lot of another international student and you know,  the best friendships always start in the pub :D What’s more everybody gets free “Slavic drink”

17.09.2020 (Thursday)

(To be announced)


18.09.2020 (Friday)


Tram stop "Stodolní"

Tour de Stodolní

20.09.2020 (Sunday)


Tram stop "Karolina"

Excursion to Vítkovice

Join us this Sunday if you wanna explore the area of Dolní Vítkovice and learn something more about Ostrava. You have a chance to visit the famous bolt tower - but you need to sign up in our registration form down below:
(to be announced)