Do you enjoy the multicultural student atmosphere and want to meet new people? Nation4Nation is perfect chance for that. If you have been on Czech National evening, you may have an idea what is it about. But let´s explain it a little more. :-) 

N4N is a great event which gives you, erasmus students, opportunity to present your country. It is a chance to show others what are the most interesting facts about your home country, what are your traditions, culture, food, songs, dances, holidays, geography, language, what do you recommend to see when someone wants visit your country. In fact, it is totally up to you what you want to share with others. It is also an opportunity to show us your creativity. We are sure, that you can do very great perfomance.

Don't worry if you are a shy to speak in front of the people. You don´t have to do it alone - take your friends from your home country and together you can make something amazing. It is great time to practice your speaking and presentation skills. 

The presentations are usually interactive shows full of videos, live performances and games. If you prepare some activity for the audiance, it will be definitely successfull. You can teach us your national dance, song or some game. You can also bring some typical food. 

All you need to do is just make your presentation, which should last around 20 minutes. And after the presentations there is of course afterparty. :-)